Beaches are not just for summer!

Its day 6 of our Top 10 things to do in winter, and there are few things more relaxing than a winter walk on one of our many great beaches in Cha-am

What to Do in Cha-Am Cha-Am Attractions


This picturesque coastal town has managed to retain an essence of serenity one can only imagine derives from its fishing town origins. There are plenty of attractions to keep you occupied when in Cha-Am. From the long stretch of relatively undisturbed beach to the colourful temples to royal palaces – there is always a route of discovery worth taking here. With a surrounding landscape consisting of national parks, mountains, caves and waterfalls, the natural beauty of the area is complemented by an impressive list of religious and historic sights.

All Attractions in Cha-Am

Cha-Am Forest Park

This is by no means up to the National Park standards but if you fancy a relaxed day amid some pretty scenery then Cha-Am forest park is definitely a worthwhile choice. Situated on Phetkasem Road, it is easily reached by taking the Narathip junction when coming from the direction of the beach. Read more

Khao Nang Phanthurat Forest Park

Khao Nang Phanthurat Forest Park is a delightful playground for nature explorers. It covers an area featuring cave-ridden limestone hills and forested greenery. Inside the park, the 3km nature trail passes through a scenic landscape filled with natural rock formations, bird habitats and an array of flora and fauna. Read more

Maruekathaiyawan Palace

Like many buildings in Hua Hin, this Thai-Victorian style summer seaside palace was constructed in the early 1920s during the reign of King Rama VI. It was designed by an Italian architect and built with golden teak from the demolished Hat Chao Samran Palace, with lots of verandas, latticework and high ceilings to keep the structure Read more


Situated 18 km north of Cha-Am this small beach resort town is famous for its statues in the sea depicting characters from one of Thailand’s most famous poets, Sunthon Phu. The much loved and revered poet created a piece of work Phra Aphai Mani which is 30,000 lines long! From humble beginnings he was educated at a temple and went on to write in a more simplistic style that was easily understood by the masses. This spot is very popular with Thai families who come here to appreciate the serene surroundings, the picnicking and to have fun in the sun.

Santorini Park Cha-Am

Santorini Park brings a slice of the picture-perfect Greek island to Cha-Am. It’s got all the details right, from classic whitewashed buildings, colourfully painted windows, down to stone-paved paths and domed towers. An impressive lineup of shops, restaurants and an amusement park promise good times for everyone. This photogenic outdoor entertainment outlet occupies an expansive area Read more

Statue of King Naresuan and Neranchararam temple

During the Ayutthaya period, King Naresuan the Great reined from 1590 to 1605 using Cha-Am as a meeting place before going to war with the Burmese in 1593. Situated in a little park that overlooks the sea, his statue is surrounded by cocks, the reason for this being that he was a cock-fighting enthusiast. A few metres further along from the statue on the left-hand side of the road is Neranchararam Temple. Here you can have a look at the six-armed Buddha image with each hand covering a sensory organ signifying the cutting off, or denying of the senses.

The Venezia Hua Hin

The Venezia is the newest theme shopping and attraction village in Hua Hin, following the growing popularity and undeniable success of other similar weekend destinations in Thailand. Palio in Kao Yai was probably one of the triggers for such epidemic frenzy for pretty villages, followed by the beautiful Santorini Park in Hua Hin and the now Read more

Cha-Am Kiri Temple

Situated in west Cha-Am, this wat is also home to a cave with a Buddha image inside. Built during the Ayutthaya period it is a pretty old and impressive structure. To find it just follow the road from the beachfront towards Narathip Road and turn right at the lights then follow the flyover over the railway. Alternatively, any taxi driver you ask will know where to take you.